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Why God Allows Suffering and Evil to Exist

For many people, the existence of evil and suffering in the world is a mystery. They often wonder why God would allow such widespread evil, suffering, and pain even on righteous people. When people fail to understand the origin and purpose of suffering and evil, they tend to lose faith. The Bible has provided numerous clues that may be interpreted as answers to these daunting life questions. Everyone is expected to invest time in reading and understanding the Bible especially if they ponder on suffering and evil and the role it plays in the human experience.

Some common examples of unexplained evils in today’s world include floods, earthquakes, chronic illnesses, fatal accidents, and extensive periods of drought in certain areas. According to Isaiah 45:7, one of the reasons why God allows suffering and evil in the world is to lead individuals and nations to repentance. Some theologians believe that natural disasters occur when the scale of evil and negativity towards each other is at a high level in a society. God, therefore, uses His might and power to remind the people of His law and recommended way of living. Theologians also believe that some types of evil and suffering in the world results from the original sin of Adam and Eve as stated in Genesis 3:6.

Another widespread theory about why God allows suffering and evil in the world is that it is ultimately for a higher purpose for all creation. This theory assumes that suffering and evil is meant to test us and prepare us for God’s ultimate glory as stated in 1 Peter 1:6. Additionally, people who overcome their individual pain and suffering are normally more compassionate to themselves and other people. Even though we go through a lot of pain and suffering while in the world, it will all be worth it when we receive the gift and glory of eternal life (2 Corinthians 4:16-18). In reality, the majority of people fail to understand the value of enduring pain and suffering, losing a loved one, living with a chronic illness, etc. When measured against the scale of eternity which God promises His people, temporary pain and evil seems insignificant and bearable.

However, another school of thought entertained by many theologians is that the reason for most suffering and pain in the world is unknown to us. This theory suggests that we stop trying to analyse and determine the reason for unexplainable pain and suffering and instead put our trust in God. Pain and suffering is a normal and constant part of life. We should be completely confident in God’s ability to protect and guide us through all obstacles in life. Even in the midst of your greatest challenges, remember that God reigns supreme and has means and ways that we as humans cannot fully comprehend. Those who put all their faith in God normally have better peaceful and meaningful lives filled with happiness and joy regardless of life’s daily challenges and pains.


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